It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what makes good hospitality. Essentially, though, Randall Goldman believes that hospitality boils down to how one makes others feel. As someone who’s become a fixture within the hospitality industry, Randall Goldman has become well-versed in how to please others and create a welcoming atmosphere.

There are a number of basic elements that contribute to the overall feeling and vibe of a location. Below, Randall outlines some of the most important factors:

The Lighting

Randall Goldman lighting

Randall Goldman suggests always opt for warm lighting over cold lighting

The value of good lighting really cannot be understated. If you want an interior space to feel welcoming and warm, use lights that reflect this feeling. Warm lighting provides an atmosphere of calmness, happiness, and comfort. Even if everything else about the space says cozy and casual, harsh white lighting can kill the vibe entirely.

Lighting goes far beyond the warmth of the light, however. The amount of light must also be taken into consideration. Randall always stresses that you want your guests to be able see clearly but not to feel as if they’re being blinded. It’s about finding a perfect balance between too much and too little light.

The Food

Randall Goldman food

Create a menu that suits your guests

Food has been bringing people together for thousands of years. It is of utmost importance at a function, gathering, dinner, or gala. Whether you’re serving small appetizers in a black tie setting or a large feast at a more casual gathering, make sure that food contributes to the overall atmosphere that you’re trying to create.

Always ensure to have vegetarian options available and be ready to cater to individual needs. Try to create a menu around the type of event and the guests. For example, if you’re hosting an event for a group of fashion models, it’s probably advisable to have a number of light food options available as it’s likely that they won’t be eating great amounts. If, on the other hand, you’re hosting an event for a college football team, it’s more suitable to have many meat options in large quantities.

The Decor

Randall Goldman decor

Ensure that decor is consistent across the board

Randall Goldman suggests starting with decor that compliments the property or space. Don’t try to adjust the decor to suit each individual event you host. It can get expensive very quickly to try to suit the space to a wide variety of customers. Instead, let the space speak for itself. Use the space you have created to attract the type of customer you want.

Importantly, keep your decor consistent. Decor should be consistent with the external property or space and should also be consistent internally. Lamps should work with furniture, which should work with the carpets, which should work with the artwork, which should work with the appliances. Everything in the space should compliment other areas of the space and be consistent across the board.

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