Having a workforce that comes in and does their work every day is good, but it’s ideal to go a step beyond. A workforce that comes in every day energized to work and enthusiastic about producing results is even better. Energizing your workforce is no easy task, but Randall Goldman offers a few tips below that will help you get more out of your employees.

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You are a source of inspiration and guidance for your workforce whether you want to be or not. If you’re not enthusiastic about your work, they won’t be either. Be a model for your employees and show them through your actions and words that you’re upbeat, enthusiastic, and determined. Look inwards and identify any behavior that doesn’t fit with this new direction and eliminate it.

Open Door Policy

Make sure that your office has an open door policy both literally and figuratively. As their leader, your office should always be open to your employees for them to be able to voice their comments, criticisms, complaints, and opinions. While your office door should always be literally open, try to also open up yourself. Your employees shouldn’t feel as if they can’t voice their concerns out of fear of repercussions. Encourage your employees to meet with you and hear them out. Employees who can be honest and upfront with you (and you with them in return) will respect you as their leader more, which will show in their work.

Acknowledge Good Work

If an employee goes above and beyond or accomplishes something significant, reward them. Show your appreciation publicly when employees do a good job and encourage others to do the same. Even employees that come in regularly and do just do their work should be recognized and rewarded.


Celebrate with your employees on birthdays and special occasions or important company milestones. You can organize office parties or even leave the workplace to celebrate elsewhere. Bowling, escape rooms, and fun competitions can all bring employees closer together, which will increase productivity and raise the general happiness level of the office.

Re-Structure the Physical Working Space

A workplace needs to feel welcoming and comfortable. Dull colors and a general lack of excitement and openness in the physical layout of the your office can be a big damper on productivity and happiness. Paint your walls with more vibrant colors and throw up a few pieces of art. Reorganize the layout of the office by ensuring that nobody is excluded and everyone feels as if they’re part of a team.

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