While the word diplomacy is often associated with politics, it plays just as important a role in business. Randall Goldman, due to a natural affinity for creative leadership and a wealth of experience as a CEO, has come to utilize diplomacy throughout his business career to accomplish goals and create success.

Diplomacy in business is all about creating and sustaining positive relationships between and among various businesses and organizations. It takes an open heart, a calm demeanor, and an intimate understanding of human behavior in order to be successful building and maintaining relationships. Relationships between and among top level executives, government officials, and non-governmental stakeholders all need to be properly maintained in order to successfully do business. Ultimately, diplomacy is integral to building and sustaining business legitimacy.

To share his expertise with others and bring success to their business ventures, Randall Goldman recently started Bal-Core Business Advisers with his wife and business partner Jennifer. Through this new venture, Randall hopes to help struggling businesses and to further aid in the growth and development of successful businesses.

Randall Goldman business diplomacy

Ensuring the success of a business is like solving a puzzle, says Randall Goldman

Business diplomacy involves employees on all corporate levels, says Randall. A key dynamic to pay attention to are the relationships between management and lower-level employees. How these two groups of people interact is usually indicative of how a business is running on the whole. It’s key that management listen to employs and create a positive work environment. Randall always advocates for an “open door” policy in the workplace. An open door policy involves not only literally keeping an open door, but also figuratively creating and maintaining an open and communicative environment. It’s important that all employees feel as if management is approachable for problems, questions, and any other concerns at all times. Often when Randall works with a business to improve their efficiency, profitability, and overall effectiveness, a good place to start is with the dynamic between management and employees.

Not only will Randall assess the dynamic between different strata of employees, but also between and among top level executives. For a business to have a key focus and objective, all upper-level executives must be united in mission and vision. Consistency is always key when it comes to branding!

Ultimately, diplomacy is key the success of any business in any sector. Communication, problem-solving, and negotiation go hand-in-hand with any venture that involves person-to-person interaction. Through years of experience, an open demeanor, and a light personal touch, Randall Goldman is committed to identifying and finding solutions to common problems that businesses face.

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